All prevention measures coronavirus

Coronavirus All Prevention Measures You Did Not Know Yet

You might know all the typical Coronavirus prevention measures advised by the WHO. However, there way more prevention measures you can or should take in order to avoid the uncontrolled spreading of the coronavirus.

All prevention measures coronavirus

1. Clean your Smartphone

Cleaning your Smartphone is nowadays one of the most effectives way to prevent spreading the coronavirus next to washing your hands.

Coronavirus All Prevention Measures

2. Clean all Door Knobs

Make sure to disinfect all door knobs in your office or at home. The virus can survive more than 24 hours on metal and other materials. Good measure to prevent the coronavirus.

Coronavirus All Prevention Measures

3. Clean your Keys

We are touching keys every day before leaving and entering the house without thinking it.

Coronavirus All Prevention Measures You Did Not Know

4. Avoid using ATMs 

ATMs are being touched by thousands of people every day without being cleaned too often. Prevent the virus to be spread through ATMs.

ATM Coronavirus

5. Avoid touching Coins and Bank notes

Coins and bank notes are dirty and full of bacteria and viruses. Bank notes may be spreading the coronavirus.

Bank notes coronavirus

5. Avoid touching Shopping Carts in the Supermarkets

We never know how many times shopping carts are being disinfected to prevent coronavirus to be spread. However, not touching it won’t harm you.

Coronavirus All Prevention Measures

How to create Google Ads Search Ad

How to create a perfect Google Ads Search Campaign

In this post I will show you with all my experience how to create a perfect Google Ads search campaign.

Create a perfect Google Ads Search Campaign 

Launching a new Google Ads Campaign is a not easy process. First of all, Google Ads is a complex product with a lot of different settings and secondly difficult for a pioneer to handle at first sight. In this article I will show you the main basic features you need to set up when starting your first Google Ads Search Campaign.

How to create a perfect Google Ads Search Campaign


1. What is a Google Search Ad ?

Google Search Ads are pay per click ads that will show within the Google Search Network above or below Google organic search results. Once a potential customers clicks on the ad, you get charged per click. Here you can read more about Cost per Click. A search ad looks different than an organic search result: Link of the website and “AD” symbol are highlighted in green.

Every Google Search Ad will be set up within Google Ads with specific limitation:

  • Daily Budget
  • Location Targeting
  • Keywords
  • Ad Schedule
  • Start Date – End Date

Here you can see an example of a Search Ad.

How to create a perfect Google Ads Search Campaign


2. Select a business goal for your Google Ads Search Campaign

In the following image you can see which business goal is compatible with a Google Ads Search Campaign. Select a goal depending on your business needs. Selecting a goal helps the Google Ads Algorithm to trigger your ad to the right user.

How to create a perfect Google Ads Search Campaign


3. Select in which Google network your ad should trigger

In this section you can opt in that your search ad will trigger in both search and display ad. I strongly recommend to only enable the option “Search Network”, in order to target a closer target group with a higher dense of potential customer.

How to create a perfect Google Ads Search Campaign


4. Enter your budget and select the bidding strategy

This section is a very important. I recommend for starting a campaign to set a budget (attention it is daily!) of 2.00 – 3.00€. For new campaigns I advise you to select the bidding strategy “maximise clicks“. This is an automated bidding strategy that sets your bids in order to help you gain auctions (clicks/impression) within your daily budget. It is very helpful for new campaigns in order to feed the algorithm with new auction data as soon as possible. Later on you can also change the budget and bidding strategy. Here you can see all Google Ads bidding strategies.

How to create a perfect Google Ads Search Campaign


5. Customise your Google Search Ad Text

A Google Search Ad with a high Click through ratio does need the following parts. Read also here Google Ads Text Best Practices.

  • Ad Title 1: describe in a few words your main business in this section you have space for 30 characters.
  • Ad Title 2 & 3: describe your Unique Selling Proposition, again space for 30 characters
  • Ad Description: Write within 90 characters about your company and products
  • Ad Description: Insert a Call to Action like “Buy now”, “Discover today”,  “Visit us now”, “Online available”.
  • Never add exclamation marks inside the Ad Titles. Google Ads has a severe punctuation and symbols policy, see here.

How to create Google Ads Search Ad

6. Add specific keywords to your Google Ads Search campaign

After having saved the creation of the new Google Ads Search Campaign I will show you how to add the best keywords to your Ad. Inside the section “Keywords” in Google Ads you can see on the right hand side different keyword suggestions of the Google Ads Keyword Planner, which gives you great ideas.

Google Ads Keywords have three different matching types:

  • Broad Match Keywords: By default for all keywords. For example: Bed Linen
    • Ads may show on searches that include misspellings, synonyms, related searches, and other relevant variations
    • Someone is searching for “pillow bed” might see the ad
  • Phrase Match: For example: “Bed Linen”
    • Ads may show on searches that match a phrase which may include words before and after.
    • Someone is searching for “cheap bed linen store” or “high bed linen
  • Exact Match: For example: [Bed Linen]
    • Ads may show on searches that match the exact keyword or close variations.
    • Someone is searching for “Bed Linen” may see your ad

It is important to understand the pro and cons of these three Google Ads Keywords matching options in order to create your perfect Google Ads Search Campaign. A Broad Match Keyword of only one or two words is in competition with a lot of other Google Ads advertisers. Therefore, the bid to win an auction is relatively high. With an Exact Match keyword, the ad shows to user that are really searching for that and increases the Click through ratio and possibility of a lead, but the search volume is for sure much smaller, therefore less impressions and clicks.

How to create a perfect Google Ads Search Campaign


7. Target your Google Ads Audience 

To create the perfect Google Ads Search campaign you need to target your ideal target group in a specific geographical location. Google Ads allows you to choose between:

  • Target Countries
  • Target Regions
  • Target Radius Areas
  • Location Groups (Places of interest, business location or tiered demographics)

It is recommend to start your Google Ads Search Campaign in one country that matches your Ads language. Restricting your location targeting improves the Return on Investment. It is also possible to exclude locations, this prevents your ad from showing in specific countries or regions.

Location Targeting Google Ads Search Campaign

8. Create an Ad Schedule for your Google Ads Search Campaign

I recommend you to set up an Ad Schedule for your perfect Google Ads Search Campaign to only show ads to users when you want. For instance if you want to show your ads only on business days or business hours when you are there to handle customers inquiries.

Furthermore, you can also set up bid adjustments to increase or decrease automatically your bids for specific days or hours. Imagine you see that your ads run best between 11am and 1pm, it could be a good idea to increase your bid for 20% for these hours, in order to gain even more auctions.

Ad Schedule Optimise Google Search Campaigns

I hope I could help you with important ideas to set up a great Google Ads Search Campaign. Recently, Google created the Google Academy for Ads with useful trainings to boost your Google Ads skills.

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Future Foods – 6 Foods we all will eat in future

Why do we need sustainable food ?

Global forces are affecting the future of foods and in the long term we are running out of food resources. We have to swipe over to sustainable foods. In fact, the food industry is already moving towards the new foods/sustainable foods of the future that won’t harm the environment.

Critical forces that determine our food resources: 

  • Climate change
  • Population growth
  • Consumption
  • Food wasting
  • Obesity

Future Food what we will eat

Future Foods

Food Waste Future Foods

6 Future Foods we all will eat in some years

1. Algae – Future Food

Algae Future Food

Sustainable Food Key Facts: 

  • High amount of protein
  • you will find it as a Protein bar or probiotic shot

Find recipes here


2. Insects – Future Food

Insects Future Food

Sustainable Food Key Facts: 

  • Less water and farm space
  • Less emissions to farm
  • High amount of protein

Read more about Insect food.


3. Lab-grown Meat – Future Food

lab grown meat future food

Sustainable Food Key Facts: 

  • 7-45% lower energy
  • 78-96% lower greenhouse gas emissions
  • 99% less land use

4. 3D Printed – Future Food

3D printed future foods

Sustainable Food Key Facts: 

  • saves time
  • less waste
  • reduces plastic


5. Farmed Fish – Future Food

fish farming future food trend

Sustainable Food Key Facts: 

  • overfishing problems could be solved partially
  • less emissions
  • lower ecological risk


6. Jackfruit – Future Food 

Jackfruit meat alternative

Sustainable Food Key Facts: 

  • healthy meat alternative
  • grows quickly in every circumstances
  • rich in protein, vitamin & potassium

Find recipes here


Best ways to keep visitors longer on your website

Best Ways How to keep Visitors longer on your Website – User Experience

Best ways to keep visitors longer on your website

In this article I display how to keep visitors longer on your Website. It’s simple!

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Best Ways how to keep visitors longer on your Website


First of all I want to underline that a good User Experience (UX) leads to a higher SEO and therefor to a higher Google ranking. In fact, it is very important to outperform your competitors, whereas giving visitors joy to stay on your website, for a longer time.

Let me bring a good example: Imagine you are hiking in the mountains, there are three different paths, but you can’t see a sign where the paths lead to. The same problem you can find online. On a website with low UX, you can easily get “lost” and you prefer quiting the whole tab instead of read with joy the article.

A good User Experience will lead your visitors to other articles on your website and give them a sense of satisfaction. Before showing you the best ways how to keep visitors longer on your website, I give you short examples of a good User Experience on your website

Examples of User Experience (UX)

  • Website Design
  • Navigation Bar
  • Call to action Button
  • Visual Designs and Animation
  • Infographic
  • Text (400-900 characters)
  • Elastic Scrolling
  • Mobile Response
  • Social Media Preview


How to improve your User Experience keep visitors longer on your website?

In the following part I list the 7 best ways to keep visitors longer on your website and improve User Experience (UX)

1) Website Design

The Website Design is one of the most important way to increase User Experience (UX) and keep visitors on your website. A inspiring website design is the first touchpoint to your visitors and decisory for further actions. The Website design should be clear, simple, attractive and don’t overload the user with information and possibilities to click. Fonts should be easy readible, images in high quality and categories well structured.

How to keep visitors longer on your website


2) Navigation Bar

Remember the example of the mountain hike and the path issue ? Well, exactly that you should avoid on your website, the visitor has to stay as long as possible on your Website while enjoying it. Many Navigation Bars on websites have too many links and sub categories, also here: keep it simple and highlight the main categories. A clear Navigation Bar leads the user smoothly through your website and increases the User Experience (UX).

how to make visitors stay longer on your website

3) Call to Action Button

A very simple, but effective way to improve User Expierence and make visitors stay longer on your website is the Call to Action Button. Why? With a Call to action Button you can guide visitors exactly where you want to. People love to put buttons, same as online buttons. A CTA Button can have different colours, different shapes and used for different purposes, but it always leads to the same result: Clicks and longer Page Time. A very good example is the Call to Action Button of Netflix.

make visitors stay longer on your website


4) Visual Design

A good Visual Design strenghten the User Experience even more together with a attractive layout. Always have in mind that people are “lazy“. Don’t make visitors think too much, we all love to scroll down websites and focuse on visuals and title. Maybe even now you don’t read this text but are focusing on the Visual Design. That’s how you make stay people longer on your website! First visitors look at visuals, when they are appealing, they will read also the text. Both Infograhics and Visuals are easier to understand and processed by our brains.

Increase User Experience Visual Design


5) Visual Infographic

A well designed Infographic is the best way to turn complicated or boring topics into eye catcher. It is my favourite gadget to improve User Experience in an interacting and simple way. Infographics can be used for statistics, data, processes, rankings, settings, guidelines etc.

Infographics can be an alternative to Visual Designs, since you can create them for free online:

Infographics User Experience


6) Social Media Preview

This is the trendiest way to improve User Experience and keep visitors connected with you. A Social Media Gallery inside your Website! You can implement it for Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or Blog. Visitors will be probably surprised with a Social Media Preview on your website, since it is so new.

Instagram Preview on Website


7) Mobile Response

Nowadays, more than the half of users are surfing through the internet via Smartphone. It is very important to make your website Mobile responsive, in other words, your website should be displayed perfecly also on a Smartphone or Tablet. If you enter a website with your Smartphone and the only thing you see are blurred titles mixed with a Image in the background, you will leave the page instantly. Therefor make your website Mobile responsive to keep visitors longer on your website and improve User Experience.


Eccel Decorona


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IBS Symptoms and Treatment

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) – Symptoms and Treatment

This article will inform you about the Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Symptoms, Treatment & the low FODMAP Diet. 

IBS Symptoms and Treatment


What is IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) ?

IBS is a common disorder that affects the digestive system. Experts says, that 6-18%* (*Healthline)of the world population has IBS. The Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) leads to changes in the bowel movement. People with IBS Symptoms can use diets like the Low FODMAP or Medicines to weaken the symptoms. IBS Symptoms are usually stomach pain and cramping, Diarreah, Gas and Bloating and sleeping problems. There is no general Treatment for people with IBS! Read more

Very useful medicine here

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment Medicine

IBS – Symptoms

When it comes to the IBS Symptoms, there is no general symptom in people with IBS. In fact, the symptoms vary here are the most common Irritable Bowel Syndrome Symptoms:

Stomach Pain and Cramping

This is a very common and the main IBS symptom. Normally your brain works together with your gut in order to control digestion.

But when you have the Irritable Bowel Syndrome, the brain-gut collaboration fails and leads to painful tensions in the Abdominal tract. The pain is more likely in the lower part of the abdomen. Learn more about IBS Types here


One third of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) suffer from Diarreah. Many patients have 12 bowel movements per week, that’s the double amount of people without IBS.


Gas and Bloating

A very uncomfortable IBS symptom.  Irritable Bowel Syndrome leads to higher gas production in the gut and therefor to bloating. Here you can read how to free you from the toilet.



In contrast to Diarreah, an very common IBS symptom is constipation. The collaboration lack between the brain and the bowel can speed up or slow down the movement  of stool. When it slows down the stool absorbs water and becomes hard to pass.


Stress & Anxiety

It is unclear why these symptoms are related to IBS or the other way round. But studies revealed that people with IBS are more likely to have a mood disorder. Read more


Sleeping problems

A study revealed that more than half of Irritable Bowel Syndrom (IBS) patients have difficulties to sleep. (Here) “Difficulties to sleep” includes also problems to fall asleep, waking up many time and feeling unrested in the morning.

IBS Symptoms
IBS Symptoms

Irritable Bowel Syndrom (IBS) – Treatment

What should I do when I have the IBS symptoms ?

When your IBS affects your quality of life, please don’t hestitate and visit your doctor.

Alternatively, the new low FODMAP Diet is proofed to helped people with IBS to reboot their bowel bacteria.

Learn more



With the low FODMAP Diet people with IBS can treat there symptoms. In fact, many foods have a impact on the digestion, with the low FODMAP Diet you can restrict certain foods that lead to an improvement of your IBS symptoms.

Low FODMAP stands for fermentable oligo-, di-, mono-saccharides and polyols, terms to classify carbs that lead to bloating and digestions problems.

How to make a Gluten Free Pizza.

25 Low FODMAP Recipes here


Buy IBS Elimination cookbook



What to Eat – Low FODMAP Diet

  • Grains: Polenta, corn, quinoa, millet, rice and wheat
  • Vegetables: Aubergine, beans, carrots, cucumber, tomato and zucchini
  • Fruits: Grapes, kiwi, pineapple, strawberries, cataloupe
  • Dairy: Almond & Soy Milk, cheese, feta and lactose free milk
  • Protein: Eggs, Tofu, seafood & tempeh
  • Sweets: Dark Chocolate, maple syrup, sugar

here an other list


IBS Food Pyramid
IBS Food Pyramid

What not to eat – High FODMAP Foods

  • Grains: Breakfast cereals, wheat, biscuits and snack products
  • Vegetables: Asparagus, artichoke, garlic, cauliflower, leek, mushrooms and onions
  • Fruits: Apple, apple juice, mango, peaches, pears, plums and watermelons
  • Dairy: Cow Milk, yoghurt and ice cream
  • Protein: Processed meat
  • Sweets: High fructose syrup, honey and sugar free confectionery


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Gluten Free Italian Pizza Recipe

Gluten Free Pizza Recipe – Homemade

In this article I show you how to make a Homemade Gluten Free Pizza from an Italian, me.

Homemade Gluten Free Pizza Recipe – Dough

Gluten Free Italian Pizza Recipe

For the dough for one Pizza (2 persons)

  • 350g Rice Flour
  • 100g Mais Flour
  • 350ml water
  • 1 spoon olive oil
  • 25g brewery’s yeast (perfect in powder)
  • bit of salt

Firstly, the dough needs at least 1 hours to rest, so plan your time. Put in a bowl the Rice and Mais Flour and the brewery’s yeast (in powder) and add slowly water. If your yeast in not in powder form, prepare your warm (30C) water in a cup and add the yeast and stir well.

Now show your muscles, its time for kneading the dough ! Eventually, after having added the warm water, salt the dough. Now don’t stop kneading until your dough is compact, when it is, it’s time for adding to the dough the olive oil. Finally, knead the dough even more and put it then into the big bowl, close it with a polythene foil, place it at a warm place and let it rest for 1 hours. The dough will double its size because of the yeast.


Gluten Free Pizza Margherita 

After 1 hour look at your dough, it should be ready and has grown.

what do you need ?

  • Fresh Basil
  • 400ml Tomato Sugo
  • 1 Mozzarella

Like in the picture below you see the dough already tendered with the rolling spin, try to prepare your dough that way, shape it not too thin and not too thick.


Gluten Free Pizza Dough


Homemade Gluten Free Pizza Recipe – Design your Margherita  


You are now enjoying the funniest part of our Pizza process. Prepare two baking sheets with baking paper and place your dough. Begin designing your pizza with the tomato sugo but ignore the edge of the pizza. Secondly, cut your Mozzarella in little pieces and add it on top of your Pizza. Thirdly, put on your Pizza Basil and other ingredients you like. Ready, put the Pizzas in the oven! The baking time of a Pizza depends on the thickness of the dough, normally you should bake your Pizza 15-20min on 250 C. 


Homemade Gluten Free Pizza Recipe

Gluten Free Pizza Recipe – Result


Italian Gluten Free Pizza Recipe


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Digital Marketing Plan

How to Create a Digital Marketing Plan in 5 Steps

It’s time to adapt your business in the new digital area. Here a powerful Guide how to create a Digital Marketing Plan in 5 Steps. 

What is a Digital Marketing Plan ?

A Digital Marketing Plan is a well elaborated document that specifies the company goals, the strategies and tactics using online marketing. The ultimate aim is  to reach the desired target market and new potential customers. This plan should be worked out very precisely and studied well. One of the most common mistakes companies make is to plan the strategies not well enough.

The dimensions of a Digital Marketing Plan are not depending on the size of the business. In fact, a Digital Marketing Plan can be applied to a multinational company as well as to SME.

Digital Marketing Plan

How to create a powerful Digital Marketing Plan in 5 steps?

Before beginning to elaborate the plan, the business should ask itself to whom am I marketing? It should be always crystal clear who my target market is.

1. Digital Market Research 

This first step is a very important one that need a lot of time. The Market Research for a Digital Marketing Plan includes the identification of potential customers, desires, identification of new market trends and structures as well as identification of competitors. In this phase the business should verify it’s actual Social Media situation that include for example double check the website (onlinestore), check if its compatible with a smartphone, check Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blog presence. For each Platform it is recommendable to elaborate a SWOT Analysis. 

 SWOT Analysis Practical Example

SWOT Analysis Digital Marketing Plan

2. Defining your Digital Marketing Objectives

After having identified the strength & weaknesses of our Social Media Platforms, it is time to define our Marketing Objectives in order to progress our Digital Marketing Plan. The Marketing Objectives should be reasonable, specified and reasonable. For a Digital Marketing Plan some very important objectives can be a good Search Engine Optimization (SEO), high Branding, Sales Funnel improvement, E-Mail Marketing Strategies (MailChimp), Google Adwords Campaigns, Social Media Ad’s Campaign.

Here a practical extract to convert theory easier into reality.

Digital Marketing Plan Sales Funnel 


In my opinion of all the above stated Marketing Goals I recommend to built a Website or Blog with the highest SEO possible. Why? It’s the best way to reach new customers while paying nothing! When your website is ranked in the first results in google you have a very high competitive advantage that was for free, maybe cost your business time, but that is all.


SEO Off Page Factors

3. Target Market and Competition

To elaborate Step 3 of the Digital Marketing Plan we need to know what types of clients the business has. In fact, it should be studied how big the target market is as well the number of potential customers and the capacity. 

To know the target market it is recommended to create a profile: 

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Income
  • Location
  • Lifestyle
  • Goals
  • Interests

An other aspect to take in consideration is the competition your business faces. It is useful to study the competitors strengths and weaknesses. More about Target Market here.

4. Digital Marketing Plan Tools 

Here a list of very useful Tools, you may not have heard, to elaborate your Digital Marketing Plan and execute it.

Platforms Digital Marketing Plan

5. Digital Marketing Calendar

In the last step of your Digital Marketing Plan for your business you should prepare a calendar where you plan your posts on all Social Media Platforms. I prepared a very useful example of how such a Digital Marketing Calendar should look like.


Followed all the steps your Digital Marketing Plan is made. 

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Best Digital Marketing Agencies in the US

Top Marketing Agencies in USA

In this article I will list the Top Marketing Agencies in USA so far. 

Nowadays, many SME are looking for companies with knowledge in Digital Marketing. This outsource process can lead to a high added value for the customer’s in order to boost sales.

Best Digital Marketing Agencies in the US

Top Digital Marketing Agencies in the US

Click on the Title or Picture to check out their websites for informations of the Best Digital Marketing Agencies in the United States. 

1. Fair Marketing (Main & Texas) 

Best Digital Marketing Agencies in the US

2. Lyfe Marketing (Atlanta) 

Best Digital Marketing Agencies in the United States

3. Webpagefx (New York)

Best Digital Marketing Agencies in the United States

4. Social SEO (Colorado & Arizona)

Best Digital Marketing Agencies in the United States

5. Ignite Visibility (California)

Best Digital Marketing Agencies in the United States

For the Top Marketing Agencies in Europe click here !

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Gluten Free Diet What to eat

Gluten Free Diet | What can I eat?

Gluten Free Diet What to eat

In this article I will inform you about the Gluten Free Diet and what you can eat.


Gluten free diet seems at the beginning as a hard task, but fortunately there are couple of natural foods that are gluten free and the food market has revolutionized and offers many free gluten options.


Gluten Free Diet – What can I eat

As I have a gluten sensitivity I have a vast knowledge about a Gluten Free Diet. An other important factor are the cost of the products. Normally are Gluten Free Alternatives (Gluten Free Pasta) very expensive. So what can I eat to save money?

The cheapest Gluten Free Diet includes natural gluten free products like:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Meat and Fish (except battered or coated)
  • Beans, Nuts
  • Eggs
  • Dairy
  • Herbs and Spices
  • Spreads and Oil
  • Beverages (most beverages except for beer!)
  • Grains (Quinoa, Rice, Corn, Amaranth)


Gluten Free Diet - Food


Gluten Free Diet – Grains I can eat 

There are many natural gluten free grains that you didn’t know yet but that you can eat without worries. The grains can be found in supermarkets and are relatively cheap. These grains you can perfectly combine for your lunch or dinner to include in your Gluten Free Diet. More about Gluten Free Grains you can eat here.

Some Gluten Free Grains for your Gluten Free Diet are:

  • Soy
  • Potato
  • Quinoa
  • Millet
  • Teff
  • Flax
  • Chia
  • Rice
  • Corn
  • Beans
  • Tapioca
  • Sorghum


Gluten Free Grains

Gluten Free Diet – Foods to avoid

For your Gluten Free Diet you should avoid Foods that include Gluten or are not “Gluten Free”Certified. Gluten Free Foods to avoid are:

  • Bread (all wheat based breads)
  • Pasta (expect for sunflower flour)
  • Pizza
  • Cereals (except for corn)
  • Pastries (cakes, muffins, cookies)
  • Snacks (candy, crackers, muesli bars, sweet popcorn)
  • Sauces (dressings, soy sauce, teriyaky)
  • Couscous



Gluten Free Diet - Avoid Food

Gluten Free Alternatives 

In the last decade many new companies came up with Gluten Free Alternatives for your Gluten Free Diet. In many supermarkets are now available Gluten Free breads, pizza, pastas, cereals, pastries, snacks, sauces etc. Be careful, to secure that the food is gluten free always double check that the “Gluten Free” Certificate is shown. That gives you 100% security that the product is not made of gluten ingredients. But be aware that Gluten Free Alternatives contain also more fat, read here.


IBS Food


Read more about the diet here

In contrary, you can also bake by yourself gluten free bread, pizza, cookies and even cakes.


Gluten Free Cake


Gluten Free Recipes

I recommend to practice some easy Gluten Free Recipes that you won’t get bored of buying gluten free alternatives that are very expensive. I will add some very utile links for gluten free recipes: 


Gluten Free Recipes




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Smart City Singapore

Smart City – Definition and Examples

Smart City Example


Smart City Definition 

The Definition of Smart City: it is an urban area that uses the latest communication and information technologies in order to improve energy usage, traffic management, transportation, public security and reduce waste, consumption, air pollution. The ultimate aim of a Smart City is to improve the quality of life through smart connection.


Smart City Example

Smart City – Examples of Singapore, Barcelona & London


1. Singapore Smart City

Singapore’s Smart City Program includes a increase in public cameras to collect data of traffic, pollution and public security in order to improve the quality of living. The software “Virtual Singapore” is a dynamic 3-D model of the city to “develop sophisticated tools and applications for test-bedding concepts and services”. Furthermore, Singapore has a strong developed transportation service with plenty of road sensors, phased traffic lights and smart parking. In addition, it has a 10-Gbps fiber broadband service that allows fast downloads.


Smart City Singapore

2. Barcelona Smart City

The Spanish city in Catalonia has improved significantly it’s traffic by road sensors. It has installed smart parking technologies as well as smart streetlights and sensors for air quality and noise. And will also settle up Free WiFi in public. Barcelona’s strength is it’s sustainable energy – smart meters, reducing carbon emissions and smart LED lightning. In November will take place the EXPO of Smart Cities.


Smart City Barcelona

3. London Smart City

London is a very developed Smart City, it has an app built on open data that locates you indicates you the routes available (similar to Google Maps). London focuses on smart parking technologies and made huge investments in smart traffic technologies.


London Smart City


Smart City Expo 2018

From the 13-15th November 2018 will be take place the Smart City Expo in Barcelona for all interested that will learn more about the innovation of Smart Cities in enhance the living quality of the people.



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