Gluten Free Diet What to eat

Gluten Free Diet | What can I eat?

Gluten Free Diet What to eat

In this article I will inform you about the Gluten Free Diet and what you can eat.


Gluten free diet seems at the beginning as a hard task, but fortunately there are couple of natural foods that are gluten free and the food market has revolutionized and offers many free gluten options.


Gluten Free Diet – What can I eat

As I have a gluten sensitivity I have a vast knowledge about a Gluten Free Diet. An other important factor are the cost of the products. Normally are Gluten Free Alternatives (Gluten Free Pasta) very expensive. So what can I eat to save money?

The cheapest Gluten Free Diet includes natural gluten free products like:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Meat and Fish (except battered or coated)
  • Beans, Nuts
  • Eggs
  • Dairy
  • Herbs and Spices
  • Spreads and Oil
  • Beverages (most beverages except for beer!)
  • Grains (Quinoa, Rice, Corn, Amaranth)


Gluten Free Diet - Food


Gluten Free Diet – Grains I can eat 

There are many natural gluten free grains that you didn’t know yet but that you can eat without worries. The grains can be found in supermarkets and are relatively cheap. These grains you can perfectly combine for your lunch or dinner to include in your Gluten Free Diet. More about Gluten Free Grains you can eat here.

Some Gluten Free Grains for your Gluten Free Diet are:

  • Soy
  • Potato
  • Quinoa
  • Millet
  • Teff
  • Flax
  • Chia
  • Rice
  • Corn
  • Beans
  • Tapioca
  • Sorghum


Gluten Free Grains

Gluten Free Diet – Foods to avoid

For your Gluten Free Diet you should avoid Foods that include Gluten or are not “Gluten Free”Certified. Gluten Free Foods to avoid are:

  • Bread (all wheat based breads)
  • Pasta (expect for sunflower flour)
  • Pizza
  • Cereals (except for corn)
  • Pastries (cakes, muffins, cookies)
  • Snacks (candy, crackers, muesli bars, sweet popcorn)
  • Sauces (dressings, soy sauce, teriyaky)
  • Couscous



Gluten Free Diet - Avoid Food

Gluten Free Alternatives 

In the last decade many new companies came up with Gluten Free Alternatives for your Gluten Free Diet. In many supermarkets are now available Gluten Free breads, pizza, pastas, cereals, pastries, snacks, sauces etc. Be careful, to secure that the food is gluten free always double check that the “Gluten Free” Certificate is shown. That gives you 100% security that the product is not made of gluten ingredients. But be aware that Gluten Free Alternatives contain also more fat, read here.


IBS Food


Read more about the diet here

In contrary, you can also bake by yourself gluten free bread, pizza, cookies and even cakes.


Gluten Free Cake


Gluten Free Recipes

I recommend to practice some easy Gluten Free Recipes that you won’t get bored of buying gluten free alternatives that are very expensive. I will add some very utile links for gluten free recipes: 


Gluten Free Recipes




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Smart City Singapore

Smart City – Definition and Examples

Smart City Example


Smart City Definition 

The Definition of Smart City: it is an urban area that uses the latest communication and information technologies in order to improve energy usage, traffic management, transportation, public security and reduce waste, consumption, air pollution. The ultimate aim of a Smart City is to improve the quality of life through smart connection.


Smart City Example

Smart City – Examples of Singapore, Barcelona & London


1. Singapore Smart City

Singapore’s Smart City Program includes a increase in public cameras to collect data of traffic, pollution and public security in order to improve the quality of living. The software “Virtual Singapore” is a dynamic 3-D model of the city to “develop sophisticated tools and applications for test-bedding concepts and services”. Furthermore, Singapore has a strong developed transportation service with plenty of road sensors, phased traffic lights and smart parking. In addition, it has a 10-Gbps fiber broadband service that allows fast downloads.


Smart City Singapore

2. Barcelona Smart City

The Spanish city in Catalonia has improved significantly it’s traffic by road sensors. It has installed smart parking technologies as well as smart streetlights and sensors for air quality and noise. And will also settle up Free WiFi in public. Barcelona’s strength is it’s sustainable energy – smart meters, reducing carbon emissions and smart LED lightning. In November will take place the EXPO of Smart Cities.


Smart City Barcelona

3. London Smart City

London is a very developed Smart City, it has an app built on open data that locates you indicates you the routes available (similar to Google Maps). London focuses on smart parking technologies and made huge investments in smart traffic technologies.


London Smart City


Smart City Expo 2018

From the 13-15th November 2018 will be take place the Smart City Expo in Barcelona for all interested that will learn more about the innovation of Smart Cities in enhance the living quality of the people.



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Digital Marketing Agencies Europe

Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Europe

Digital Marketing Agencies Europe


In this Post I will show you the Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Europe so far.

Nowadays businesses focuses mainly on Digital Marketing and the importance of the traditional marketing is decreasing. The term Digital Marketing refers to advertising through digital channels like web, social media, e-mail and mobile apps. Many new companies have spot the opportunity and the needs of companies and individuals to start up Digital Marketing Agencies, professionals who offer a wide range of services and products in order to help companies introducing the Digital Marketing.

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Digital Marketing Agencies Europe

Digital Marketing Agencies 

The Digital Marketing Agencies are different to the traditional ones because of the change in technology and customers needs. They are results-based and easily measurable (ROI). The agencies have envolved over time to meet the new need of the digital age. Their main services are Web Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Graphic Design, App Development, Lead generation, Social Media Marketing, Community Management, Media Campaigns, Google AdWords, e-Mail Marketing and analyzing the results. 

Top Digital Marketing Agencies Europe

Why consulting Digital Marketing Agencies ?

The best reasons why consulting a Digital Marketing Agency is due to the improvement of your business. In fact, they will generate more efficiency and productivity that will boost your business and help to reach measurable goals. 

Furthermore, your brand reputation will be increasing rapidly. That will lead to more leads and better interactions. Valuable content on Social Media will attract more customers and boost the brand visibility. In addition, a better SEO will rank the Website higher and will lead to free organic traffic and more online purchases. 

Last but not least, Digital Marketing Agencies will boost the ROI of the businesses and in the long term the conversion of leads to clients will promote sales growth. 


Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Europe

1 Mars Spiders (London, UK)

Mars Spiders is a young company with a collective of digital programmers, app developers, and digital marketing specialists. They are specialized in custom made mobile app development and design and website development. Mars Spider has been awarded 5 times. 


Digital Marketing Agencies Mars Spider

3 Beyond (London, UK)

Beyond is a design and technology ideas company. The company helps clients to create new value with design- and technology-based products and strategies. They offer technology-based solutions to create new value and new opportunities. 


Beyond Digital Marketing


4 Momentum Design Lab (London, UK)

Momentum Design Lab is a design thinking- and user experience based agency. The are specialized in digital marketing transformation and digital product innovation. 


Digital Marketing Agencies Momentum Design Lab

5 Fiverr (Worldwide)

Fiverr is a worldwide Freelancer Platform where buyer and seller meet. Categories are for example Digital Marketing, Translation, Web Development etc. 


Google Ads Freelance


6 Cherry Digital (Chisinau, Moldova)

Cherry Digital is a team of website designers, developers, search engine optimizers, user experience experts. The company offers services such Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Web Design, Branding and Mobile Apps. 


Digital Marketing Agencies Cherry Digital


7 Keplar Agency (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Keplar Agency is an independent strategic digital production agency and 2014 Webby Award Winner. The Dutch company is an expert in Digital Marketing Strategy, Design, Web Applications, Social Media Campaigns, e-Commerce and Hosting. 


Digital Marketing Agencies Keplar


8 Station (Zürich, Switzerland) 

Station is a Digital Marketing Agency offering services such as Branding, Applications (e-Commerce, Apps and Websites) and Content (visual Storytelling, Social Media Content). One of Station’s clients are Ikea and Stöckli. The Agency has won the AWWW Award in 2017. 


Digital Marketing Agencies Station


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Best Digital Marketing Agencies in the United States



Digital Marketing Agencies Europe


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LinkedIn Algorithm

LinkedIn Algorithm – How does it work for posts ?

Author: Thomas Eccel

Thomas Eccel

LinkedIn is the B2B Social Network Platform for companies. But how does the LinkedIn Algorithm work for posts? How can I improve my posts ? How can my post reach more people ?

LinkedIn’s Algorithm is similar to Edgerank (Facebook). An Algorithm in a Social Network filters relevant posts and articles and creates order in the Platform. It would be impossible for users to see every post and reaction. That would be annoying.

LinkedIn Algorithm

LinkedIn Algorithm – How does it work for posts?

The Algorithm consists of four main parts. The post is going to be valued, this process is not linear. In fact, your post will go through the Algorithm again and again.

Phase #1 – Filter

When posting your content (Link, Image, Gif, Article, Video…) LinkedIn automatically classifies your post as one of the three categories.

  • “Spam”
  • “Low – Quality”
  • “Clear”

Obviously your posts should be in the 3rd category. I am not sure which keywords the LinkedIn Algorithm filters when classifying a post as “Spam” or “Low – Quality”, but I guess if you are using words like “Discount”, “Special Offer” and “Tag your…”.


Phase #2 – Engagement Test in your Feed

Once your post has been classified by LinkedIn robots it enters in a Engagement Test Phase. The post will be uploaded in your Feed and sent to a small amount of your audience in order to check how interested it is. Note: It won’t be visible for all your contacts ! Interactions like Comments, Shares and Recomendations  by your audience impact your post positively. The more interactions at the beginning, the more friends it will reach eventually. When your friends are ignoring or blocking your content it impacts negatively your posts and the Algorithm can declassify it.

It’s so important to ask yourself at the beginning the following questions:

  • Is my post annoying my audience?
  • Do I create high value content for my contacts ?
  • Is my post relevant for the Network?
  • Is my posts interesting ?
  • Do I post to much ?


Phase #3 – Scoring 

In this Phase the Algorithm checks the quality of your post. A “Like” gives your post 10 points, a comment (more effort) gives your post 20 points and a share indicates that your post must be very interesting and gives you therefore 30 points (my explanation).  More popular contacts are weighted higher as normal users. If your post doesn’t receive reputation it will be ranked in the lower part of the Feed but doesn’t disappear. In fact, your post is not death, LinkedIn is a friendly network and gives your post a second and third and fourth chance to go viral. More viral posts will enter the Phase #4.


Phase #4 – Real People Involvement

When your post reaches Phase #4, real people will read your post and decide whether to keep it in the Feed, reach more audience and get more interactions, or whether to end the life of your post. When your post is doing very well, these editors can also sent it to people outside of your network, appearing in “trending topic” etc.  LinkedIn believes in quality, engagement and reliability.

LinkedIn Algorithm

How to improve your LinkedIn Posts – Algorithm

As mentioned before, your LinkedIn Posts should be interesting and creating a high value for you audience.

Relevant Topics

Write your title of your post with action words like

  • “How to ___”
  • “3 Ways to ____
  • “Why you can____”

With these simple keywords you can reach a higher viewership, but don’t abuse them.

LinkedIn Algorithm

Add Medias

A post should include media content, not only text, text is boring sometimes. These visual tricks will raise the attention of your audience and result in  higher interactions.

Your post should include next to a title and description at least one the following medias

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Graphs
  • Link Previews


LinkedIn perfect post

Understandable for a 12-year old child

There is no need on LinkedIn for PhD articles, you audience is interested in new, high value content. When drafting your post be aware that your post should be readable for a 12-year old child. Human beings don’t like information that is written too complicated. We are lazy and appreciate short and useful information that is not encoded.

LinkedIn Algorithm


Summary LinkedIn Algorithm 

LinkedIn as many other Social Networks uses a Intelligent Algorithm to filter relevant content. The time of posting off topic content is long past and we should adapt. Companies and individuals on LinkedIn should know at least parts of how the algorithm works and how to create a high value content in order to gain more interaction and visibility.

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Italy Tour

Italy Tour – Top 10 Northern Italy Destinations


Autor: Thomas Eccel

In this blog I will give you advice how to plan your Italy Tour to the top 10 Northern Italy Destinations.


1.  Milan 

The Italy Tour starts with the Northern Italy destination Milan. The best and cheapest option for International flights is the airport Milano Malpensa or for Ryanair flights Bergamo (Milan). As a good starting point in the city of fashion you will enjoy the “Duomo” of Milan and shop in the most prestigious Italian stores. Furthermore, a very interesting spot in Milan are the channels of “Navigli“, constructed in the 12th century and continued by Leonardo da Vinci. Nowadays, a popular place to watch a romantic sunset and have some Italian drinks in a great variety of bars.


Milano Navigli Tour


2. Lake Garda

Next stop of the Northern Italy Tour is the “Lago di Garda”, Italy’s biggest lake with a stunning atmosphere. The lake is surrounded by mountains and impresses plenty of tourists each year. The glacial lake is the border to the Italian Alpine region,  “Sirmione” is situated in the south, featured with hot springs and the largest Roman ruins in Northern Italy, “Grotte di Catullo”. In the northern shore of the lake lies Riva del Garda famous for its outdoor possibilities like sailing, windsurfing, kayaking and swimming.


Lake Garda


3. Bolzano/Bozen

Straight from Lake Garda you should continue your Italy Tour towards South Tyrol’s capital, Bolzano or Bozen. You are now discovering the Italian Alps region, featured with incredible landscapes. In Bolzano you will recognize the fusion of the Italian and Austrian culture, everything is bilingual (German and Italian). From Bolzano you have plenty of possibilities to discover the nearby alpine scenery. Bolzano itself attracts thousands of yearly tourist with its antique “Portici“, medieval carcades. Furthermore, you find in the Museum of Archeology the oldest glacial mummy “Ötzi“. An other significant point is that Bolzano was ranked in 2014 as the city with the best quality of life in Italy. Here you find more about Bolzano and South Tyrol

Photo by:


Bozen South Tyrol


4. Verona 

The fourth spot of the Northern Italy Tour leads us towards Verona. It’s best known as the settings for Shakespeare’s play “Romeo and Juliet“. What is more, Verona is assembled with Roman ruins, Renaissance palaces and medieval buildings, its the perfect place to enjoy the charm and calm of an old Italian city. Verona is situated between the so famous cities Milano and Venice and therefore less visited by tourists, but offers plenty of attractions.


Verona Italia Tour


5. Venice

Venezia can’t be missed in the Italy Tour. This magical city is situated across more than 100 little islands that are separated by the famous channels. It seems like that the streets are replaced by water and buildings rise up from the sea, no doubts why this city has been so famous for hundreds of years. Venice is known for its ornate glasswork called “Venetian glass”, a skill that had been developed by the 13th century. Furthermore you maybe have heard about the Carnival of Venice and it’s traditional carnival masks. All in all, a city that fits perfectly in the Italy Tour.


Tour Italia


6. Bologna

The Italy Tour continues with Bologna, the capital city of the Northern Italy region Emilia-Romagna and 7th biggest city of Italy. Thanks to its red brick buildings, Bologna is called “La Rossa” and was founded by the Etruscan. Architects will love Bologna for its antique towers and cityscapes. The University of Bologna is the oldest institution of studies and it’s worth visiting. The major square is called “Piazza Maggiore” decorated with the beautiful Basilica of San Petronio.


Bologna Italia Tour


7. Cinque Terre

One of the most beautiful places of the Northern Italy Tour. Cinque Terre is situated in the region of Liguria and has gone viral lately in the social networks for it’s breathtaking beauty. The name of this area translates to “five lands” because it’s comprises  the five villages RiomaggioreManarolaCornigliaVernazza and Monterosso. The towns are built on high cliffs overlooking the mediterranean sea. In Cinque Terre you should definitely eat Trofie, a kind of pasta made from chestnut or wheat flour and drink the dry white wine “Cinque Terre”. You will love this place.


Italia Tour Cinque Terre


8. Santa Margherita Ligure

We are now heading towards the end of our Italy Tour, but before we stop at Santa Margherita Ligure, an insider tip. It is situated about 35km southeast of Genova on the Italian Riviera. This charming seaside town is relatively unknown and offers therefore cheaper hotel options than its neighbor Cinque Terre. Santa Margherita Ligure is perfect for spending your day at the beach or exploring the “Castello di Santa Margherita Ligure“.


Italy Tour Santa Margherita


9. Porto Fino

Porto Fino is situated not far from Santa Margherita Ligure and is known for it’s colorful waterfront homes and harbor. The little village is a popular day-trip destination and shopping spot. Every day you will find in the harbor of Porto Fino floating prestigious yachts. Porto Fino has been visited by many celebrities in the past years, some of them are: George Clooney, Madonna, Robert De Niro, Ringo Star and Denzel Washington. The Italian Yacht club has its summer headquarter in Porto Fino and prestigious boat races take place every year.


Italia Tour Genova


10. Genova

The Italy Tour has come to its last destination, the birthplace of Christopher Columbus, Genova. Genova is the capital city of the coast region Liguria. The port of Genova has historically been one of the most important and currently number one in Italy and is situated at the base of the city. Next to the port you will spot the famous Aquarium of Genova and waterfront bars. Part of the old city center of Genova was inscribed on the World Heritage List (UNESCO). In fact, the historic center features narrow, winding streets and a stunning architecture style and the notable “Palazzi dei Rolli“. In conclusion you should eat in Genova the most famous “Pasta al Pesto“. The picture below was taken by Anis Tesh 




Italy Route – Top 10 Northern Italy Destinations



Italy Tour


Start: Milano

B: Lago di Garda

C: Bolzano

D: Verona

E: Venezia

F: Bologna

G: Cinque Terre

H: Santa Margherita & Porto Fino

I: Genova


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How to make Pizza like an Italian – Easy Recipe

Pizza how to

1. How to make Pizza like an Italian for beginners  


First of all, you will need these ingredients for your perfect delicious Pizza:

(for 2 Pizzas)

  • Flour: 500g
  • Water (warm): 300ml
  • Olive Oil: 30ml
  • Beer Yeast: 5g
  • Table Salt: 10g
  • Mozzarella
  • Basil
  • Tomato Sugo
  • Time

Pizza Italian


1.1 How to make Pizza like an Italian – Dough (2 hours before)


Firstly, the dough needs at least 2 hours to rest, so plan your time. Then prepare your warm (30C) water in a cup and add the yeast and stir well. In a big bowl put your 500g flour (sifted flour better), add your water-yeast cup slowly while showing your muscles, its time for kneading the dough !Eventually, after having added the warm water, salt the dough. Now don’t stop kneading until your dough is compact like in the picture below, when it is, it’s time for adding to the dough the olive oil. Finally, knead the dough even more and put it then into the big bowl, close it with a polythene foil, place it at a warm place and let it rest for 2 hours. The dough will double its size because of the yeast.


Pizza homemade


Pizza Receipt


1.2 How to make Pizza like an Italian – Shaping the dough


*….2 hours later* ring ring, quit your smartphone clock and check your Pizza dough and start heating your oven. *Wow*, is now your reaction, the dough has grown and is now ready to be shaped. At the beginning cut your dough into 2 pieces as we want 2 Pizzas afterwards. Furthermore, in the picture below you see the dough already tendered with the rolling spin, try to prepare your dough that way, shape it not too thin and not too thick.


Pizza homemade


1.3 How to make Pizza like an Italian – Design your Pizza  


You are now enjoying the funniest part of our Pizza process. Prepare two baking sheets with baking paper and place your dough. Begin designing your pizza with the tomato sugo but ignore the edge of the pizza. Secondly, cut your Mozzarella in little pieces and add it on top of your Pizza. Thirdly, put on your Pizza Basil and other ingredients you like. Ready, put the Pizzas in the oven! The baking time of a Pizza depends on the thickness of the dough, normally you should bake your Pizza 15-20min on 250 C. 


Pizza Receipt


1.4 How to make Pizza like an Italian – Enjoy your Pizza !

Finally! Your Pizza is ready now, you already know the next step, exactly, EAT and ENJOY 🙂 Read here about my last receipt of how to cook Pasta like an Italian.

Pizza Italian


Thanks for checking out my Blog!





Tourism Italy Southtyrol

South Tyrol – Vacation Destination

Italy Vacation

This very interesting article will inform you perfectly about my home region – South Tyrol (Südtirol/AltoAdige)

Autor: Thomas Eccel

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Südtirol AltoAdige VacationSüdtirol Alto Adige


South Tyrol/Südtirol Vacation

South Tyrol or Alto Adige/Südtirol, Italy is the trendy vacation destination hotspot for tourists. Maybe you have yet not heard about it but it’s a heaven in the Italian Alps, where the Italian and Austrian culture clashes. With almost 6.5 Millions yearly tourists (SMG Südtirol) the second most visited region of Italy, behind Veneto. The visitor numbers increase every year substantially and so does the awareness. The landscape is breathtaking and so different. In fact, it is decorated with wonderful mountains, mediterranean cities, cheesy lakes and rivers, famous apple fields and wine wreath, museums and mysterious castles and villages. Only to mention a few spectacular things to discover.



Southyrol Italy Toursim

South Tyrol/Südtirol –  Perfect Vacation Time?  


Italy Trend Toursim


It is true, in South Tyrol is always high season for vacation, in summer time the high temperatures in the cities, that are located in the mediterreanen valleys, welcomes you to take baths in the wonderful lakes or therm. The mild temperatures in the Southtyrol’s mountain attract thousands of mountain hikers. In fact, Southtyrol is a outdoor heaven for families, couples, sport addicted or wellness enjoyer. Other trending activities are Mountaineering, Climbing, Mountainbike Tours, Water Sports, Fishing, Running, Golf and Leisure. Find here more detailed information about it.


Southtyrol Italy Ski


In winter the landscape changes color, from the green and flourish yellow to a white awesome landscape. In winter time starts the Skiing season for millions of ski tourists, enjoying the spectacular scenery of the Italian Alps. One of the most famous Ski Hotspots is Val Gardena with its Ski Worldcup Slope Sasslong. Furthermore, you find the very famous Ski Resort Kronplatz and the Alpe di Siusi Ski Resort, where this picture was shot by one of South Tyrolean best outdoor Photographers Alexander Meliss. 

For winter outdoor freaks, South Tyrol offers beside of plenty of ski opportunities also Ski Tours, Snowshoe Hikes, Sledging, Winter hikes, Cross Country Skiing, Horse-Drawn Sleight Rides, Ice climbing, Ice Skating and Christmas Markets, the most famous ones in Bolzano and Merano. The best information about all the activities you can find here.

The capital of the region is Bolzano/Bozen, as you see every name is in Italian and German, with 100.000 habitants and its charming winter Christmas market. Besides, you can spot the “Bozner Lauben” or “Portici“, the antique disctrict. The second biggest city is Merano, known as the city of cure in the mild mediterranean climate, visited by many celebrities as Zidane, Maradona, Benzema, Steinmeier and Amancio Ortega. A South Tyrolean village is one of Europe’s most sunniest places with 315 sunny days per year written on a notable German Newspaper Sueddeutsche. 


Video about South Tyrol/ Südtirol Holidays


Bilingual (German & Italian)

Something that only those who have visited Southtyrol know, yes it’s true, it’s Italy’s only region where German (with dialect) and Italian are official languages, due to the fact that Southtyrol was part of Austria until 1918 End of World War 1. The German language is until today spoken as primary language by 70% of Southtyrol’s residents, but all speak Italian too. Thats why Southtyrol is so special, this mix of Italian and Austrian culture can be discovered in every parts of the region, beginning with the cuisine, the names the physical aspects of the residents and the construction style of monuments. Südtirols/AltoAdiges schools are either mainly Italian with German as a subject or mainly German with Italian as a subject. The privilege of the residents is being able to speak both German and Italian, next to English and/or other languages.


South Tyrol/Südtirol Top Vacation Spots

Alpe di Siusi/Seiser Alm

The “Seiser Alm” is situated on an altitude of 1500m-2400m and it’s just spectacular. In winter time it is one of the most popular skiing places with a 360 view on the Dolomites. Whereas in the summer time ideal for hiking trips with a view. The picture above was taken in autumn as you can see the red colored trees and up the mountains the first snow.

Southyrol Italy Tourism


The second biggest city of Southtyrol is Meran/Merano with approximately 40,000 habitants with a mediterranean climate and many sunny days a touristic hotspot. Merano is known as the city of cure with a giant therm and many wellness hotels, where every year celebrities find there calm here you can find another great shot of Meran Meran Pictures In the city grow palm trees and in the back you find the mountains, its worth experiencing that phenomena once. Not far from the city is located the ski location Meran 2000 easily accessible from the city.


Southtyrol Italy Tourism

Drei Zinnen / Tre Cime di Lavaredo

The “Tre Cime di Lavaredo” are UNESCO World Heritage. The 2998m high mountain is a highlight in South Tyrol in the summertime, perfect for hiking or for sport climber there are 3 different routs to get their ultimate adrenaline kick. It is also the border to the neighbor region Friuli Venetia Giulia


Southyrol Tourism

Pragser Wildsee/ Lago di Braies

This stunning mountain lake is situated on a altitude of 1,494m near “Val Pusteria”/”Pustertal” and at his deepest point 36m deep. The Lago di Braies is one of the most visited lakes in South Tyrol and ideal for an around-walk in the afternoon. The ultimate attraction is renting a wooden boat and cruise on this fairytale lake for 12€/30min. Here you find more information about how to reach the lake.


Tourism Italy Southtyrol



The capital city of the region with 110,000 habitants, is a must-see in the South Tyrolean Region. The city is replete with plenty of museums, the most notable museum who attracts 500,000 tourists per year, is the Museum of Archeology with the 5,300 year old glacier mummy “Ötzi”. Furthermore, you will spot the antique quarter “Portici”/”Lauben” of Bolzano, built in the 12th century now home of many different stores. In the picture below, shot by David Montagna, you can see the centre square of Bolzano, named “Waltherplatz”/”Piazza Walther”, with the church “Dom“. In this square you get offered plenty of Caffeterias, Restaurants and Hotels to enjoy the heart of Bolzano and his stunning flair.


Southtyrol Vacation Bolzano

Kalterer See / Lago di Caldaro

This 12,000 year old lake is thanks to the mediterranean climate one of the warmest Alps lake, with a maximum temperature in summer of about 28C. The “Kalterer See” is 1,8km long and 0,9km wide. In fact, for many tourists and locals this marvellous bathing lake is the perfect place to escape the hot sun in summer. In addition, you can rent pedal boats and go windsurfing or just chill and enjoy the view. Let you inspire with picture below from Alexander Meliss .


Italy Vacation Trend


Reschensee/Lago di Resia

This spectacular view is one of the famous phenomena in South Tyrol, the lake is reservoir with a length of about 6km in the community of Graun. The church you can spot in the picture, was build in the 14th century and has been surrounded by the lake now for more than 60 years. If you are a passionated nordic walker, runner or hiker don’t miss this opportunity! Because around the lake there is a 15km long trial ideal for outdoor sports. In the summer time tourists enjoy this lake for doing Kitesurfing, whereas in the winter time this place is ideal for Iceskating or Snow Kiting.


Southtyrol Italy Vacation


Karersee/Lago di Carezza

The “Karersee” is on a altitude of 1,520m and natural monument. For this unique view it attracts thousands of tourist every year. This shot of the lake was taken in summer time, since in winter the water is frozen. The lake is reachable from the capital city of the region but it is prohibited to take a bath, visitors can only enjoy the lake from outside.


Southtyrol Italy Vacation


Dolomits South Tyrol


How to reach South Tyrol/Südtirol?

By Airplane?

South Tyrol has only a small airport located in Bozen/Bolzano with only few flights, nevertheless, the closets airports are Verona Valerio Catullo and the airport of Innsbruck, Austria. The leather one is 110km away from Bolzano, while the Verona Airport 150km. Other airports: Milano Bergamo (235km), Bologna Airport (250km) and Treviso Venezia (188km).


By Train?

South Tyrol has a very good train connection, from other regions of Italy you can check here further details. However, once you have reached Southtyrol there are many possibilities to move, on this website you only insert your current city and your desired destination.


By Bus? 

From the airports around South Tyrol Flixbus or Shuttle Services offers you many bus connections to Bolzano, Merano o Bressanone. Inside the region the bus network is on highest standards and moves you to all parts of South Tyrol.


What should I order to eat in South Tyrol ?

The cuisine is just fabelous, the past Austrian culture is now mixed with the Italian and that makes this region so exciting.

  • Pasta (too many different delicious kinds)
  • Knödel/canederli (traditional dumblings)
  • Schluzer (traditional pasta dish)
  • Polenta
  • Carpaccio
  • Speck with Schüttelbrot (bacon with bread, in the picture below)
  • Marillenknödel (apricote dumblings in sumer time)
  • Kastanienherzen (Chocolate hearts filled with chestnuts)
  • Asparagus (in March/April)
  • Pizza
  • Gnocchi (a lot of variety)

to find more about South Tyrloean dishes read here.

Southtyrol dishes


What should I drink in South Tyrol?

Definitely, wine! Vini d’Italia is considered as the most important wine guide and South Tyrolean wines’ are always involed. The South Tyrolean wine culture is a old tradition and pleasures many tourists every year.

The best red wines regarding :

  • Blauburgunder Schweizer 2013 – Franz Haas
  • Blauburgunder Trattmann Mazon Riserva 2014 – Girlan
  • Kalterersee Auslese Klassisch Pfarrhof 2016 – Kellerei Kaltern
  • Lagrein Abtei Muri Riserva 2014 – Klosterkellerei Muri-Gries
  • Lagrein Staves Riserva 2014 – Weingut Kornell
  • Lagrein Taber Riserva 2015 – Bozen
  • St. Magdalener Klassisch Antheos 2016 – Ansitz Weingries
  • St. Magdalener Klassisch Rondell 2016 – Glögglhof, Franz Gojer

The best white wines regarding

  • Chardonnay Lafóa 2015 – Kellerei Schreckbichl
  • Gewürztraminer Auratus Crescendo 2016 – Ritterhof
  • Gewürztraminer Brenntal Riserva 2015 – Kellerei Kurtatsch
  • Gewürztraminer Nussbaumer 2015 – Tramin
  • Müller Thurgau Feldmarschall von Fenner 2015 – Tiefenbrunner
  • Pinot Grigio Giatl Riserva 2015 – Peter Zemmer
  • Sauvignon Renaissance 2014 – Gumphof, Markus Prackwieser
  • Terlan Sauvignon Quarz 2015 – Terlano
  • Vinschgau Riesling 2015 – Weingut Falkenstein, Franz Pratzner
  • Vinschgau Riesling Windbichel 2015 – Weingut Unterortl, Castel Juval
  • Weißburgunder Sanct Valentin 2015 – Kellerei St. Michael/Eppan
  • Weißburgunder Sirmian 2016 – Nals Magreid
  • Weißbrugunder Tyrol 2015 – Kellerei Meran Burggräfler
  • Eisacktaler Grüner Veltliner 2016 – Pacherhof, Andreas Huber
  • Eisacktaler Riesling Kaiton 2016 – Kuenhof, Peter Pliger
  • Eisacktaler Sylvaner 2016 – Köfererhof, Günther Kerschbaumer
  • Eisacktaler Sylvaner 2015 – Garlider, Christian Kerschbaumer
  • Eisacktaler Sylvaner Aristos 2016 – Eisacktaler Kellerei

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How to make Italian Pasta

For all of these reasons, don’t hesitate and visit South Tyrol, the place were I come from =)

How to cook Pasta like Italians

How to cook pasta like an Italian | Easy Recipe

How to cook Pasta like Italians


Ciao, how are you ? As you maybe know, cooking pasta is for us Italians art and we want to spread it 😉 In this article I will show you how to cook your pasta like an Italian with an easy recipe. perfectly like Italian do. There are a lot of others articles about how Italians cook pasta, but not written by Italians and some of them I would not recommend. Here are the steps you should follow.


How to cook Italian Pasta

Guide how to cook pasta like an Italian – Recipe

1 . Put salt when the water is boiling

For your perfect Italian pasta like from an Italian made you have to study first some important things. The amount of salt is considered by some Italian chef on 10g every 100g pasta in a 1l pot. Don’t put first the pasta and then the salt, the cold pasta cools the water. The amount of pasta varies: 100-150 g per person when the pasta is served as a main dish. Now it is normal if your adrenaline is increasing;) Lets head on to the second part of how to cook pasta like an Italian.


Pasta Receipt

2. Stir the Italian pasta every minute

You don’t want the pasta to stick, therefore stir it ! It will make your pasta a lot better, especially when cooking Spaghetti. There is nothing worse than Spaghetti’s couples or triples or quartets and so on. So keep stiring the pasta with love 😉

3. Put the Italian pasta out when it is al dente

You should watch the cooking time of your kind of pasta, it is always written on the pack. Never boil your pasta more than it is written on it, the result will be a bad soft pasta. For Italians there exist nothing worse than a overcooked pasta. Try before putting out the pasta! 


Pasta Receipt


4. Prepare in an other pot your tomato sugo

When putting in your pasta in the boiled salted water you should prepare a pot with the tomato sugo and let it boil the same amount of time as your pasta. By the way, Barilla has some ready sugos who are delicious find it here. Barilla Pasta & Sugo 



5. Put herbs like basil at the end in your boiling tomato sugo

To give your tomato sugo the best taste you should put basil at the end, so the flavour of the herbs will effect as much as possible your tomato sugo. You can find fresh basil in supermarkets, basil should be fresh to enable the strong aroma. 


Pasta Receipt


6. Use a sieve where you put your boiling pasta

When your pasta is al dente, put the water with the pasta in a sieve and don’t cool the pasta with cold water, never! Let it in the sieve and put it then in the pot with the tomato basil sugo and stir.


Italian Food


7. Put the pasta in the tomato sugo and add parmigiano cheese and olive oil

Serve your delicious Italian pasta on a plate, Italians, the parmigiano cheese and pasta are inseparable, so is the olive oil. It is 100 % worth spending a big more money on a high quality olive oil. Having added these two ingredients on top of your pasta, the Italian dish is ready to impress your guest or yourself. Try it out! That was the perfect Recipe to cook pasta like an Italian. 



Olive oilItalian Pasta









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